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Community Standards

Last Updated: 6 July, 2015

Community Standards

These Community Standards (“Community Standards”) are part of the Terms and Conditions of Service (“Terms”). By accessing or using the OurCabana Services or Content, you agree to be bound by the Terms, including these Community Standards.

OurCabana was created to be a safe, secure place for couples to explore their sexual relationship with each other, to participate in an ongoing, worldwide dialogue about sexuality and relationships, and to make connections with other couples or individuals.

As operators and users of the website, we are all responsible for maintaining the safety and security of the OurCabana Community. Compliance with these Community Standards helps to insure a positive and rewarding experience for everyone.

Respectful Behavior

No aspect of our lives is more intimate and personal than our sexuality. We strive to maintain a safe, shame-free environment for the positive, constructive enjoyment of sexuality.

Users are expected to treat others with respect and acceptance of the vast diversity of sexual experience and sexual expression.

Hate Speech is strictly prohibited. Users may not attack, insult, shame or ridicule others based upon their race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation or beliefs, age, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, sexual tastes or preferences, sexual history, physical or mental ableness, or disease.

Users may not bully, harass, threaten, intimidate, abuse or defame others, or make statements that could incite violence.

Users may not post graphic descriptions or visual depictions of violence.

Users are prohibited from creating profiles for the primary purpose of their own commercial gain, and may not “spam” or contact other Members for commercial purposes without their consent.

Users who are comfortable doing so are encouraged to welcome new Members to the OurCabana Community. Options for communicating with other Members include, signing the Member’s Guestbook, sending a Mailbox Message or sending an Instant Message (Premium Members only).

Each user may create one Individual Profile, and one shared Couple’s Profile, with the knowledge and consent of his or her partner, only.

Adult Content

“Adult Content” means any text, graphics, photos, video, audio, animations, live video transmissions or any other representation, which includes any depiction of exposed genitals or individual(s) engaged in any sexual activity, whether alone or with (an)other individual(s). Adult Content includes any depiction of individual(s) in any sexual position, posture or pose, whether naked or clothed, as well as genitals which are visible through clothing that is wet or transparent.

Do not submit, post or display any Adult Content that depicts anyone who has not given his or her express consent for such Adult Content to be submitted, posted or displayed on OurCabana.

In order to give users control over which other Members, if any, may see their Adult Content, users may upload Adult Content to their Private Locker only.

Adult Content may also be transmitted via private, two-way Video Calls between Members.

Users may not upload Adult Content to their Profile Photo, Cabana Journal or Photo Album. We may remove Adult Content posted to these areas in our sole and absolute discretion.

We do not monitor the content of Private Lockers or Video Calls, but will respond, as required by law or to maintain the dignity of the OurCabana Community, to reports from Members of potentially obscene, offensive, illegal or otherwise inappropriate depictions reported to have been posted to a Private Locker or transmitted via Video Call.

Users are prohibited by law from uploading, sharing or transmitting content which contains any of the following:

• Child pornography, including photos or videos of you made before you reached eighteen years of age
• An animal in any sexual posture or position
• Incest
• Pedophilia
• Depictions of any illegal activity, including the use of illegal drugs
• Content that is libelous, defamatory, threatening or intimidating to others
• Copyrighted content owned by others, which you do not have permission to use

In addition, users are prohibited from uploading, sharing or transmitting content which contains elements that could put them at increased risk of prosecution for obscenity, including but not limited to:

• “Water sports” or urination
• “Scat” or excrement
• Blood
• Violence

Communicating with Other Members

OurCabana does not conduct background checks or screen Members for mental illness, criminal records or financial capacity.

Always use caution and common sense when communicating with other Members.

Some profiles are fictitious. Do not assume that another Member’s profile accurately represents the true identity and personal characteristics of the person(s) who created it.

Do not include identifying information such as your last name, phone number, home address, or workplace in your Profile or in your initial communications with other Members.

Stop communicating with and Block any Member who tries to pressure, deceive or coerce you into meeting in-person or revealing any personal or financial information.

In-Person Meetings

If you choose to meet with (an)other Member(s) in-person, always tell a friend or family member where you are going and when you will return.

Never agree to be picked up or meet at your home.

Always provide your own transportation to and from the meeting.

Always meet in a public place with many people around.

Revenge Porn

So-called “revenge porn” is the distribution, generally via the Internet, of sexually oriented Content, without the consent of the person(s) depicted in the Content.

Do not submit, post or display any Adult Content that depicts anyone who has not given his or her express consent for such Adult Content to be submitted, posted or displayed on OurCabana.

Many countries around the world have passed laws criminalizing such activity, including Canada, Japan, The Philippines, Israel and most of Europe. As of this Update, “revenge porn” is a criminal offense in twenty-four US states, and legislation is pending in fifteen additional states and in the Congress.

For more information or for support following a harmful experience, please contact the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative via their website at, or call +1 (844) 878-2274.

Criminal Activities

OurCabana may not be used to facilitate any criminal activity, or to organize any activity that could cause physical or emotional harm or financial damage to others.

Users may not offer or procure sexual services, including but not limited to prostitution and escort services.

Users are prohibited from taking credit for or celebrating crimes which they or others have committed.