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Frequently Asked Questions

This "Frequently Asked Questions" page is still in development. New questions will be added as user issues arise. If your question is not addressed here, please notify us by e-mail at:


OurCabana Support Team

Q1. My partner and I joined OurCabana as a couple, but we only wanted one profile—not three! Can we hide our Individual Profiles?

When you registered as a couple, we created not one, but three profiles for you—His, Hers and Ours. This structure provides each couple with a flexible set of tools for using the site in their own unique ways. You do not have to use all three profiles.

If you would like your shared Couple’s Profile to be your only presence within the OurCabana Community, we’ve made it simple and easy for your to “hide” your Individual Profiles. To do this, sign in using one partner’s e-mail and password. Then click “Edit Profile,” then “Privacy.” Click “No one” from the drop-down menu, then click “Save”. That partner’s Individual Profile is now invisible to other members.

Next, sign out and sign back in using the other partner’s e-mail and password and repeat the process. Now the Individual Profiles of both partners are hidden from other members. Only your shared Couple’s Profile is visible within the OurCabana Community. (Note that your Individual Profile is still visible to you, and some of the information displayed in your shared Couple’s Profile can only be changed by editing your Individual Profiles.)