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Latest Sexpert Advice

  • "Ask Our Sexperts" is coming soon!

    OurCabana Ask Our Sexperts Beginning 10 September 2015 Display Ad 300 x 200"Ask Our Sexperts" is coming soon to OurCabana!Beginning September 10, 2015, any adult can submit a question or discussion topic to our panel of experts, and receive personalized advice about sex, intimacy and relationships and the cultural... Read More

Our Library

  • Two Perspectives on Bisexuality

    two bisexual woman looking between manThis year, with the Supreme Court ruling that gay marriage bans are unconstitutional, America appears to have finally come to grips (for the most part) with the concept of gay relationships. And although a lot more work needs to be done with respect... Read More

  • Removing the T From LGBT?

    lgbt stampIt's been a mixed bag for the LGBT community this year. While big wins, such as the Supreme Court's Obergefell ruling invalidating bans on same-sex marriage, have dominated the news, the LGBT community still suffers smaller defeats. Take, for... Read More

  • Behind Playboy's Decision to Stop Publishing Photos of Nude Women

    bunny_ears_playboy_woman_hidingIn a staggering blow for teenage boys of the future, finding a stack of your father's Playboy magazines will soon not be as exciting as it once was. Come March of 2016, Playboy magazine, the sine qua non of American male puberty, will stop... Read More

  • Sir Richard's Condom Company is Making a Difference

    Sir Richards Condoms For every condom you purchase, you contribute one to a developing countryWhen people think of foreign aid, they usually think of food contributions, or clothing drives. But condoms? Experts estimate that in 2015, 18 billion condoms will be required to adequately address HIV prevention and family planning needs worldwide.... Read More

  • Femme – A Twenty Year Retrospective

    The Story of Candida Royalle, DHS and Femme Productions®Candida Royalle, DHS is a woman we admire very much, most notably because she was perhaps the first to realize the need for erotic material that couples could enjoy together. In the early... Read More

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