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What’s OurCabana?

Watch - See How It Works

Connect - See How It Works

Learn - See How It Works

Shop - See How It Works

Welcome to the sophisticated, spicy, sexy world of OurCabana … where couples Get Closer!

Here, you and your partner will find many opportunities to explore your relationship with each other and, if you choose, to make connections with other couples who share your values.

OurCabana is four websites in one...

  • Watch
    The Watch section offers carefully screened, couple-friendly adult movies and photos available on-demand. See how it works.
  • Connect
    The Connect section is a social network for adult couples, where you control who you interact with, based upon shared values. See how it works.
  • Learn
    The Learn section contains an extensive library of educational resources and personalized advice from experts in sexuality and relationships. See how it works.
  • Shop
    The Shop section is an online boutique featuring best-quality adult products for your maximum mutual pleasure. See how it works.

Free Membership

Membership is not required to use the Watch, Learn and Shop sections of OurCabana.

However, a free membership is required to use the Connect section, or if you wish to post comments anywhere on the website.

Activating your free membership is fast and easy! From the Home Page, enter one e-mail address to join OurCabana as an individual, or enter two e-mail addresses to join as a couple. Click "Join Free!" Then enter the additional information, accept the Terms and Conditions, and click "Join Now" again. As soon as you locate the e-mail we send you and click on the link to verify your address, your account is active! For couples who join together, both partners must verify their individual e-mail addresses before our exclusive features for couples can be activated.

You Control Your Experience!

OurCabana has been carefully designed to protect your privacy and to give you maximum control of your experience.

In the Watch section - our adult video-on-demand theatre - you can "set the mood" in your own virtual "cabana." By selecting one of three broad categories of content, you control the "outer limits" of the material you wish to be exposed to. For example, when the mood in your cabana is set to "Beautiful," your viewing options will be limited to categories such as, Love Stories, Oral Delights, Beautiful Bodies or Erotic Art. If you’re looking for something wilder, set the mood in your cabana to "Wild." You can even explore the realm of light bondage and power exchange by setting the mood in your cabana to "Kinky." Visitors who wish to override the "mood" system and search our entire library of content can do so using the Advanced Search function. Remember, the Watch section is an adult theatre, and almost all of the content contains explicit sex.

In the Connect section - our social network for adult couples - you control your privacy and your experience in several innovative ways. None of the information or content in your personal profile is picked up by search engines. You control which other members can see your profile and contact you. There is even a privacy setting that prevents all other members from finding your profile! You can also control whether your profile is visible to any combination of: couples, single women and single men. And you can limit access to your profile to only those other members who share your personal values with respect to monogamy. Strictly monogamous couples and "swingers" cannot interact on OurCabana, except when the privacy settings of all parties allow it.

These are just a few examples of ways in which members and visitors to OurCabana can safeguard their privacy and control their experience.


Each section of our cabana - Watch, Connect, Learn and Shop - contains a tutorial which describes the features and function of that section in greater detail. We encourage you to read or watch all four tutorials, to familiarize yourself with the many innovative and unique features that OurCabana has to offer.

Once again, Welcome! We hope that OurCabana will help you and your partner to create many exciting and memorable moments of exploration, adventure and intimacy…